13 nights. 13 tales. 13 videos.


13 Nights of WhoreOween is an annual collection of videos where I let my creative side and my dark side run wild. I bring my love for all things horror to the table in 13 unique videos each year. Combining my knowledge and talents in special effects makeup and visual effects editing to bring you a sexy, spooky time.

I give you new takes on horror classics like The Bride of Frankenstein, Re-Animator, and coming this year: Evil Dead, Resident Evil, The Nun, Dracula, and The Ring.


Aside from purchasing the finished videos, you can always get more WhoreOween by joining my Patreon. This is the only place to get all of my HD photo sets, behind the scenes looks, editing tutorials, and much more. Teasers and clips will always be posted for everyone to enjoy, but first access and exclusive content will go on my Patreon.

Also be on the lookout for any pre-order packages I may have that include behind the scenes clips, merchandise (posters, t shirts, etc) and other special perks!


Halloween to some people is just one night a year. To some people, watching scary movies and dreaming of pumpkins happens only during October. But I'm a person who knew more Friday the 13th and other horror movies when I was 5 years old than I did any other kind of movie.

I've always loved all things spooky, scary, and gory. I originally went to school for special effects makeup because I loved horror movies and art so much, I would look at all the horror movies I watched while growing up and say "I want to do that". I've worked on music video sets and done makeup for zombie weddings, I loved it. For some reason I never thought I could bring my love and talents for all things that go bump in the night into what I do as an adult entertainer, not when I first started anyway. So my passions took a back seat while I focused on my new career. But, they didn't have to. 

In October of 2017, after I was finally able to focus on myself and do what I wanted to do I decided I was going to make Halloween videos, even though we were already a week into October and I had zero actual plan of what I wanted to do.

But I saw all of the amazing, creative things that other models were doing on twitter and it made me anxious and it inspired me. There was no reason I couldn't bring my love for the dark and demented into my own work, that's the perk of having creative freedom over what you do.

I sat down and let the creative juices flow. I remember always being excited for that "13 Nights of Halloween" thing one of the tv networks used to do when I was growing up, so if you haven't guessed, I took that and ran with it. That's where "13 Nights of WhoreOween" was born. With just a name and no plan beyond that. But of course I had to have 13 videos for this to make sense! And pumping out 13 videos in less than 2 weeks was a hell of a challenge, but I did it. I always like to bite off more than I can chew with my projects. I could never have predicted the success of the first year, I was filming every day and editing every night, while I had pre-orders coming in left and right! It was insane, the amount of support I got kept me going every day. My boyfriend was a huge supporter, cooking me dinner while edited away all night, so I really do owe him a huge thanks.

I had never tried to make as much content at once as I did with the first WhoreOween, I had never made content like that. Content that focused on my more artistic side and let my creativity run free instead of just worrying about "getting to the action". The success of that first year is what let know there was going to be a second year, I wanted to keep producing content like that, I loved it! One of my best sellers was born during 13 Nights of WhoreOween (Drain Every Drop) so I knew there were plenty of people out there who wanted more content that gave them the creeps as much as it turned them on.



13 Nights of WhoreOween 2018
13 Nights of WhoreOween
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